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ShopART Midwest is an artist-centric, non-commission gallery that connects Midwest artists to the buyers who appreciate living with the arts and handcrafted items. This is a service by Twin Rivers Council for the Arts supporting our local culture makers and making it easier for anyone to bring special, handmade arts into their lives. 

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Ann Ringness

"As a leather artisan since 1974, a natural rhythm has developed in my work. Before hand cutting, each piece is examined thoroughly. As I lay out my designs I choose which part of the hide will work best to enhance each piece I am working on. Then each seam is guided carefully on an industrial sewing machine to insure quality and longevity." "My leather bags are classic and functional. I use natural, textured and waxed finished hides. My current work includes burning images onto the surface of leather to create a positive-negative effect. I have been doing “hands”, “letters” and “abstract images” and have had fun flowing dots around the images creating pictographs such as “Hand Bags” or “MI Hand Bag”. My recent work includes metal buttons and hand made silver pieces.


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