What is ShopART?

ShopART Midwest is an artist-centric, non-commission gallery that connects Midwest artists to the buyers who appreciate living with the arts and handcrafted items. This is a service by Twin Rivers Council for the Arts supporting our local culture makers and making it easier for anyone to bring special, handmade arts into their lives.

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Welcome to shopart midwest

Connecting you to our creative visionaries.

ShopART Midwest exists to connect artists and makers of handcrafted fine art to those who value high-quality arts and goods. It’s like an arts festival that’s always on!

Buyers are connected directly to the artist for sales. ShopART does not handle transactions. This allows 100% of each sale to go directly to the artist which supports our local creative economy. ShopART began during COVID-19 to connect as an online version of the GSR Fine Art Festival and now has transitioned to hosts fine artists from across the Midwest. Additionally, you can find and hire performing and literary artists on ShopART Midwest.

Artists can extend their visibility and sales potential by showcasing their work on ShopART Midwest, just as if they’d rented a booth at a festival.

Why Buy Art on ShopART Midwest?




Sell Your Art

Find your audience.

ShopART Midwest is the online platform that connects your studio and practice to those who want to support you and own the work you make. After our curatorial committee has approved your work for exhibition, a modest annual fee allows you to present your work to a wide market of buyers. When someone wants to hire you or buy something, ShopART Midwest connects them directly with you to complete the sale. Showcasing lots of high-quality artists in one place brings more potential buyers to your studio.

  • Wide exposure through the Upper Midwest and beyond
  • 100% commission free
  • Easy sorting helps shoppers find you

Featured Artists

Tom Lazar

Over the past decade, there has been a lot of change in the tools we use to create photographs. Digital has taken over. Regardless, one thing remains constant. The “Art” of photography is about searching for and finding interesting and compelling subjects and then recording and sharing these “Moments in Time” in a unique and creative style. I find my pallet in nature. 

Dustin Swiers

Dustin’s work ranges from functional to decorative, blending disciplines of Lampworking, Off- Hand Glassworking and Stained glass techniques with Metalworking, Electroplating and Lapidary to create jewelry, custom blades, vessels and sculptures. “As with many artists, the process is what keeps me engaged and pushes me to make. My greatest pursuit is discovery in the act of creating; simultaneously learning about my materials, craft, and self.”

Sacha Bliese

This Minnesota girl received her Bachelor’s in Art with a focus in metals from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse in 2000. Sacha worked as a bench jeweler for a few years before opening her business in 2003. As a goldsmith she specializes in custom designs and one-of-a-kind work.