What is ShopART?

ShopART Midwest is an artist-centric, non-commission gallery that connects Midwest artists to the buyers who appreciate living with the arts and handcrafted items. This is a service by Twin Rivers Council for the Arts supporting our local culture makers and making it easier for anyone to bring special, handmade arts into their lives.

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Information is collected only for grant reporting purposes and will never appear in a public format.
Information is collected only for grant reporting purposes and will never appear in a public format.

ShopART Midwest Annual Fee

Once accepted for exhibition by the curatorial committee, artists pay an annual fee of $40. Alternatively, artists at the $75 level of affiliation with the Twin Rivers Council for the Arts receive inclusion on ShopART as an included benefit. We are committed to making ShopART accessible to all.

Selection Criteria

Experienced members of the GSR Fine Arts Festival and the arts community in Greater Mankato serve on our curatorial review panel. Artists apply by submitting three work samples along with a professional biography and profile information. Applications may be submitted at any time. ShopART Midwest attempts to approve or decline participation by new artists within 10 business days.

The curatorial panel will review work based on the following criteria:

Technical skill – level of craft, mastery of medium, attention to detail and finish
Originality/Creativity – the artist works with a distinctive and compelling style and/or insightful and interesting content
Design/Composition – artworks demonstrate excellent skill in manipulating color form, texture, shape, and design
Work must not be needlessly crude or offensive and should be appropriate for public display

All artwork and creative endeavors are welcome. Work that exists in multiples, as in cast sculpture or hand-made prints, must be signed and part of an edition not larger than 50 numbered works.