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ShopART Midwest is an artist-centric, non-commission gallery that connects Midwest artists to the buyers who appreciate living with the arts and handcrafted items. This is a service by Twin Rivers Council for the Arts supporting our local culture makers and making it easier for anyone to bring special, handmade arts into their lives.

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When you walk into the Ole, you may think that you are in the wrong building as its been newly remodeled, yet still has that old town feel. The floors are now tiled and the bar has been replaced with a Cambria counter with custom crafted woodwork.


Heggies Pizza makes the good times in your life even better. The weekend getaways, ice fishing trips, snowmobiling excursions, fishing openers, hunting weekends, family gatherings, late night cravings.  Those good times we Minnesotans enjoy so much are what Heggies is made for.


Has been a staple in the Minnesota music community since the early 1990s. We cater to 21+ audiences. Our primary draw includes fans of punk, rock, metal, hardcore, blues, rock-a-billy, hip-hop, experimental, jam bands etc.