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ShopART Midwest is an artist-centric, non-commission gallery that connects Midwest artists to the buyers who appreciate living with the arts and handcrafted items. This is a service by Twin Rivers Council for the Arts supporting our local culture makers and making it easier for anyone to bring special, handmade arts into their lives. 

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Shayna Swiers

Shayna Swiers is a Mankato MN artist and jeweler who has been honing her craft for over a decade. She achieved her Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters of Arts (MA) degrees from MN State University, Mankato. Shayna is the Sole proprietor of The Seventh Oak, specializing in wire weaving techniques and metaphysical crystal meanings, healing and lore. Pairing the healing energies of copper, crystals and Reiki Intention to create energetic companion jewelry that will aid and guide her clients along their life's travels. “I find serenity while working on a new piece, the repetitive weaving of the wires is my favorite kind of meditative practice. That “energetic flow” helps connect me to the healing message that the crystals wish to convey. I’m passionate about my clients; what they have going on in their lives and how the right companion crystal might bring them joy and comfort. It is for that reason that prompted me to start making jewelry in the first place. My favorite is creating custom work, although I do also have pieces that I have made that are looking for their forever homes with you. ”


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