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Saving the Ghost

About Artwork

Saving the Ghost is a story of struggle and survival. Ellen McInnis was severely abused as a child by her father. At 17, she put life with her parents behind her. She kept the abuse to herself, confiding only in her best friend, Cici, and her loving husband, Ned. Bucking the odds, her relationships with friends and her husband are strong. She is successful in her career.

But her father’s death brought the terrors of childhood back to life, and they are destroying her. Ellen is desperate to confess the truth to her elderly aunt Mercy, believing that Mercy will understand and love her back to emotional health, just as she did when Ellen was a child.

She learns that Mercy is keeping her own secrets, devastating secrets of unimaginable horrors and betrayal that blow Ellen’s world apart one more time. Her faith in love and family is shattered. How will she save herself when everything she believes to be true is found to be a lie?

Review: I bought your book, Saving the Ghost at the book Festival in Mankato.
I easily read the work in the next couple of days after that.

That was quite a journey through Ellens life. I admire how you allowed the
absolute horror of her early life to come out and yet, you were able to show Ellen’s
power and her intense self awareness. Her slow and erratic healing process was
so well documented through her self dialogue, her friendships, and her marriage.

I don’t have the horror of abuse in my personal life, and I am uncertain if you do,
but I have worked with numerous people and been close friends with people who have
worked a lifetime at letting go of the remnants of it.

Absolutely great book! Loved how you brought in the north woods, nature, and the raw
grit of healing. – S. B. Reader

Cost: $14.95

Year Created: 2019

Materials: Publication

Signed: Yes


$5 additional shipping cost within the U.S. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico could be more.

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About the Artist

M E Fuller Is a Minnesota visual artist working primarily on canvas and paper using acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media. Her most recent works depict abstract and energetic landscapes and mindscapes. Fuller has shown work in group exhibits at The Watermark Art Center, Bemidji; The Crossing Arts Alliance, Brainerd; The Center for the Arts and the Kaddatz Gallery, Fergus Falls; Hutchinson Center for the Arts, Hutchinson, MN; Freeport Art Museum, Freeport, IL; and White Bear Center for the Arts, White Bear Lake, MN. Solo exhibits for 2022 and 2023 include the K. K. Berge Gallery, The Smallest Art Gallery, and the Watermark Art Center. She is the featured artist in the summer 2022 edition of Shark Reef, an online literary and arts magazine. In 2021 Fuller received an emerging artist support grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council funds. Thank you to the Minnesota state legislature for supporting the arts in our state. A former graphic designer and art director, Fuller is a self-taught author and artist. Visit mefuller.com for more information.