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Handsome Bear

About Artwork

This is one of the best looking black bears that I have ever seen in the wild. It almost looks as though he’s been combed and groomed, sporting a shiny, healthy coat. His posture is much like he is posing for a graduation picture.

Cost: $99

Signed: Yes


Price includes tax and we will deliver free of charge up to 40 miles from our home in Faribault.

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About the Artist

I have been photographing nature and wildlife for over forty years. Not many people have the patience to sit for hours and wait for that special light or for an animal to strike that perfect pose, but that is just what I enjoy doing. I often wait hours upon hours, days at a time and not tire of observing wildlife, watching their behavior and observing their fascinating antics. Because of my patience, I have taken many outstanding photographs that capture a unique and often fleeting moment in nature. I once spent thirty-six continuous hours in a four foot by four foot photographic blind and couldn't stand up straight for hours after finally getting out. My wife, Chris, and I prepare each of our photographs for framing. We dry mount and heat press a special finish over each print. This finish gives our prints the look of canvas, linen or suede and allows the picture to be cleaned with a damp cloth while providing UV protection, all without the glare of glass. In addition to taking photographs, I apply the woodworking skills I have learned over my lifetime to make unique frames. I have many styles of frames including inlay frames with over one hundred and forty pieces of wood, frames that hold multiple photographs and frames made utilizing the bark from birch trees. We can often switch photographs from one type of frame to another in order to accommodate our customers’ preferences. We now live in Faribault and have restored our backyard to native grasses and wildflowers. We have created an environmentally friendly yard that attracts wildlife while adding beauty to our home. It is always nice to have photographic opportunities close to home; however, photographic adventures can be great fun and very fulfilling.