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Gold/Silver Fume Glass Necklace Pendant

About Artwork

Stunning statement necklace made from borosilicate glass featuring precious metal fuming techniques with Fine Silver And Black Hills Gold. This piece was inspired by nature and particularly succulent plants.

Approximant Measurements: 1.25″x1.75″

Precious Metal Fuming

PMF is a Lampworking technique, where high quality precious metals are introduced into the torch flame. The metals are brought up to a temperature that will start to vaporize them and they become “fume”. This fume is then trapped in and/or coated on a clear optic of borosilicate glass. Producing very desirable colors that are not only stunning but also Color Changing in different lighting; due to the reflective qualities in the metals and glass.

Because of glass’s reflective property the piece’s color may appear differently, depending on: the colors of what is around you, the lighting (florescent, incandescent, sunlight, slow light. Etc )

All photos of product here at FlameInHandPipes are shot in seasonal natural sun light (whether direct sunlight or indirect sunlight)

– In this particular piece, the fume is then manipulated into a pattern then Imploded through a gather of clear glass ( creating a upwards “blooming” effect) then is finished with a domed optic which will not only magnify the spectacular blooming pattern but also will make it look three-dimensional as though it really is a succulent plant frozen in time and miniature space.

Cost: $80

Signed: Yes


$9 Shipping Priority Flat Rate Box, Approximately 3-5 days or Local Mankato MN Pick Up

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About the Artist

Dustin Swiers started glass lampworking back in 2008 when he moved to Mankato for schooling. Swiers received two degrees from Minnesota State University, Mankato, a BFA and an MA, both focused on ceramics and sculpture. He created Flame in Hand Glass as the sole proprietor in 2010. Swiers now works out of and helped create the non profit Mankato MakerSpace as a co founder, board member, shop lead, and instructor in metalworking, glassblowing and now ceramics. Dustin's work ranges from functional to decorative, blending disciplines of Lampworking, Off- Hand Glassworking and Stained glass techniques with Metalworking, Electroplating and Lapidary to create jewelry, custom blades, vessels and sculptures. “As with many artists, the process is what keeps me engaged and pushes me to make. My greatest pursuit is discovery in the act of creating; simultaneously learning about my materials, craft, and self.”