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Butterscotch JB

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These shoes were stitched completely by hand. There is no machine work used anywhere in the construction. The double leather sole is durable and repairable. You can replace the outsole when it starts to wear through. Run the heels over, have them ryour sizeepaired as easily as they were constructed in the first place. These are a womans size 9 but if this isn’t your size or color, I will happily make your size.

Cost: $150

Signed: Yes


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Most people have never experienced a shoe made specifically for their foot. Nothing pinches; nothing rubs. If you find shoes that fit at the "marts", you are not looking for me. A properly fit shoe makes walking easier; does not cause back problems; lasts a long time and is repairable. I make beautiful shoes and boots to fit a specific person's feet. Leather that breathes and craftsmanship that endures combine for an unique experience. Educating people that these are still valued qualities still practiced is why I demonstrate the Art and Mystery of a Cordwainer. The Gentle Art of shoe making is still done. At the Mankato Makerspace I teach classes in both Shoemaking and general leatherwork.