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Aerial Lift Bridge – Duluth, MN

About Artwork

The Aerial Lift Bridge (earlier known as the Aerial Bridge or Aerial Ferry Bridge) is a landmark in the port city of Duluth, Minnesota. The span began life in 1905 as the United States’ first transporter bridge. (Only one other was ever constructed in the country, Sky Ride in Chicago). In 1929–30, the span was converted to a vertical lift bridge (also rather uncommon, although there are six such bridges along Ontario’s Welland Canal), and continues to operate today. The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 22, 1973. The United States Army Corps of Engineers maintains a nearby maritime museum.The bridge can be raised to its full height of 135 feet in about a minute, and is raised about 5,000 times per year.The span is about 390 feet (120 meters). As ships pass, there is a customary horn-blowing sequence that is copied back. The bridge’s “horn” is actually made up of two Westinghouse Airbrake locomotive horns. Long-short-long-short means to raise the bridge, and Long-short-short is a friendly salute.

Size: The Aerial Lift Bridge card is 11 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

Quantity: One blank card + one blank envelope + one note for your own message.

Cost: $35

Year Created: 2019

Signed: Yes


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About the Artist

With our passion and knowledge inherited from family & university all of our artwork is made from our real life experiences with the goal that everyone will keep our artwork forever. From an ideal of what we want to make we use CAD to design all parts, figure out how they will interlock with each other to fold up and stay together. We use our laser to cut out all parts, glue and put all parts together to make a foldable 3D object and glue 3D object to cover to finish. All our artworks have Copyright certificates, some limited in quantity. We also provided programs to share about Asia culture and everyone learning how to make their own Kirigami Art in person and virtual. Sean Cusick and Trang Nguyen Cusick The founders of Dragonflies and Cards